Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Making a New Flowerbed

Yesterday late afternoon, I made a new perennial flower bed. I Had to get those plants in the ground, the ones I bought last week....they've been patiently waiting for me on the porch, so I thought I better get to it....

I decided to put the bed in alongside the I cut away the sod. There wasn't much there anyway, it already had some compost there, that is where the pile used to be....

I broke up the dirt....

Added a bunch more compost

Mixed it up together, it was quite light and fluffy...

That was quite a job, in the hot sun...I thought I should go up on the porch and take a look at the bed from up there....ok, well I was thirsty too....and it was after 5pm!

I put rocks in to act as a border

Then I started the back are 6 I put in the 2 Blue Flax....and the 4 Platycodons...and last put in 8 Cerastium Tomentosium. I thought there were only 2 of that last plant, but there were 8...I'm still crowing over that great deal!

Looks like I have to mow that lawn again!

The coneflowers will get quite tall and wide...I will probably have to move a few to a new location this fall maybe...but that's ok...this bed should look quite nice once the plants grow more and it starts getting filled in.....I'm happy with it!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Annie,

Sounds like you are keeping busy. My, the chicks have really grown. Suppose it is nice to have them in their own pen rather than in the house.

Here on the coast we have not had many warm days. Even today it is overcast. Will summer ever come?

Have a great day. A. J.

Annie said...

Hi Aj, yes, it's been cool here is hard to believe solstice is here already, the soil is not warming up enuf for the crops....and yes it is SO much nicer to have the chicks down in the barn! I'm really glad we got them moved yesterday!


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