Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meat Bird Pics

I took a couple of pics of the meat birds...they are really growing!

You can see how quickly they are feathering out...a good thing. I'm refilling the waterers and feeders about 4 times each day....

They're getting too big to stay in these little houses much longer.....part of my chores today include running chicken wire to separate the meat bird room into two (down at the barn). Then, if I can, I'm going to throw hay down on the floor and turn on the brooder lights. Later today and tomorrow, I can start checking the temperature down there...once it's warm enuf, off they go to the barn!

Here's our "sick bay"....poor thing. He/She has leg problems and isn't walking well at all....I've put it right in between the waterer and feeder. This bird won't make it....but I can at least make it comfortable....

It didn't have a chance in the larger house...when the feed gets put in there, they charge the feed tray...this little one kept getting stepped on.... Sphere: Related Content

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