Friday, June 20, 2008

Moving the Meat Birds

What a the birds moved....up and down the hill between the barn and shop 8 times or so, just carried them down a few at a time in a small plastic tote....with the cover askew, of course!

Then, we started cleaning out the shop....stinky mess....I got it all moved into the wheelbarrow and added it to the compost/manure pile...all those wet soiled shavings will be a bonus in there. I had cleaned out the litter several times while they were down in the shop, but still....yuk! Am glad that is done with...I've just left the shop door open so it can ventilate....
So here is the setup - just waiting for the chicks to come. We've got two waterers (one of them is huge!) 2 feeders (one huge one) hopefully all the chicks will be able to get to the water and food. I've been checking on them several times, and yes, they can all get to what they need.
( I realize now I took the pic before I put the extra feeder and waterer in there...but they are there now!)
A closeup of the homemade feeder the Gman made.....
In this pic you can see the two doors leading to eventual outdoor runs...lots of room in this barn for all the birds....and tool storage too!
They are gathering under the brooder lights - that's where it's the warmest. I took this pic maybe an hour ago....the warmth of the day is leaving. At least they realize it's warmest under those lights....
I'll check on them a few times will maybe be hard to sleep for Me. I'll probably be worried as to whether they make it till the morning, But my friend has 6 of these birds, and they have had them in the barn from the I should be able to just Relax...hard to do, lol!
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Anonymous said...

They are sooo cute I just wanna give them all names and have you keep them forever!! Hope you are both well, looks like you are keeping busy. We just got back from Edmonton a week ago, Cal's son's wedding ... on Friday my cousin arrives from California ... gonna be a busy 12 days with her. Lotsa Love,

Annie said...

Thanks for your comment Michelle! And you're right, they are awfully cute...but they are very tasty too!

We got the wedding pics, everyone looks so happy! Have fun with your cousin...

Annie and the Gman

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