Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Garden Pics

We've been busy the last couple of days, the Gman's parents are here for a visit, which is nice! Had a wonderful snitzel dinner last night, and this morning I walked around snapping a few new pictures of the veggie gardens....

We are getting quite a few tomatoes happening now.....I've been keeping up with trimming suckers and bottom leaves, which seems to need to be done every week.

The broccoli is heading up beautifully! Should be able to pick the main head on each plant within the next 5 - 7 days. After that, the plants will start sending out side shoots. They won't get as big as the main head, but there will still be plenty to harvest and freeze for winter.
(After the broccoli is finished, we will pull the plants and feed to the pigs)

And here's the cabbage, forming nice tight heads. If your cabbage heads tend to split, give the Whole Plant a quarter-twist....yes, that's right! Then maybe four days later, give it another quarter-twist. Doing that tends to help the cabbages to not split.

Zuccini - wow, it's really starting to come on now....we'll have lots to eat for ourselves, and lots for the animals.

The potatoes are flowering, yipee! I have a feeling we will have a much better harvest this year.

And, finally, I see peapods....thank goodness!
It's such a Wonderful time in the Garden....the weeds are being contained (only barely!), the plants are growing and setting their vegetables, and relief sets in, knowing that we can begin to feel more secure that we will have a good harvest.
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Anonymous said...

Looks great ! My garden's having a hard time this year. Seriously screwy weather. Freezing till mid may then, overnight, 95 degrees(F) or hoter everyday. Flash flood made a mess of parts of it Monday. Oh, well.

Annie said...

Hi duchessdreams, thanks for your comment and sorry for this late reply....seems very hard for me to put in much computer time these days, as we're so busy outside!

I think quite a few people are struggling with their gardens this year...that spring was so long in coming...and of course that quick summer we all seemed to jump into....where abouts are you located?

There's little we can do about Mother Nature, isn't there? Just try and do our best, then cross our fingers and hope, lol!

Do you have a blog I can look at? Would love it if you put the address up! Thanks again, and hope you'll keep reading our blog to see what we're up to


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