Monday, July 14, 2008

Veggie Basket!

We're meeting up with friends and the Gman's parents tonite for dinner.....I offered to bring a salad, but Edna said no no, don't I'm bringing her a picnic basket loaded up with fresh garden veggies instead......
I've picked two heads of lettuce, about 6 beets, some swiss chard, 3 zuccinis, some kale and our biggest head of broccoli (which isn't very big yet). And of course a dozen eggs....can't forget the eggs!
I hope she likes it!
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Anonymous said...

Your bolg is wonderful! Now I think I need to go dig in my garden.

Anonymous said...

Looks great. Your garden is producing well. Suppose the long days of sunshine is a great benefit to the plants. Do you have to water daily? Here at the coast, we have summer as well, finally. About 25 degrees yesterday and very pleasant. The deer have been feasting on our plants, stripped my rose bush, again. I will have to get my special deer spray out. -- Have a great day. AJM

Annie said...

Thanks duchess and AJM for your comments....we have our water system set up on timers, which is a Huge help!


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