Friday, August 29, 2008

Drying Herbs

Remember this?

Ok well since then I have tied and hung bags of lovage and parsley....that was several weeks ago. This morning I thought I'd finish the job if the herbs were completely dried out, and they were.

So I took them down and got started with the has an incredible smell, it smells and tastes a lot like Celery, only stronger.....I love it!

I left it in the bag, and just stared "raking" down the stems with my fingers. I loosened off as much as I could.

Then I dumped them into the bowl, and started picking out the larger pieces of stems......

I threw out the stems...

Then put the remainder into a mason jar, threw a lid and ring on it, and called 'er done! Crush it as fine or leave it as large as you want to.....later on, when I have more time, I can sift thru the herbs again and pull out any more stems that I can find. Or, I can just put it as is into a coffee grinder.....Super Easy!

And so here is what I've dried so far this year.....a quart of Lovage, a quart of parsley, and a pint and a bit of Oregano. We'll enjoy using these during the winter, and using herbs helps us stay away from the salt shaker...always a Good Idea!
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McTwigans! said...

My garden is just starting to grow, I live in Savannah, GA, which means it is 91 degrees out still, and I planted my first herb garden. I am trying to get some practice in before I move up north where I will have more than a window planter worth of a garden. I will be checking back for gardening tips!

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