Friday, August 29, 2008


Ahhhhh, memories of the PNE. When we were kids, we would take the ferry and go over to Vancouver to go to the PNE.

The rides, the midway....what a LOT of fun that was! I used to like going thru the buildings too, to see all the animals, and plants and flowers that were on exhibit. My Mom and Aunt used to bring us, and those were the days when they could actually say to us..."Meet us here at noon". Nowadays, you sure can't let your kids wander around on their own, far too dangerous!

Anyway, yesterday the Gman said to me, did u buy tickets yet for the PNE Prize Home? Ooops, nope, I forgot.

But this morning I went online, got the phone number and ordered 15 tickets for $50. So, now we're entered to win the Prize Home (In Sechelt, of all places! That's where we moved From!)

But wouldn't that be a blast if we won?? I remember a couple of years ago, the lady that won the home in Gibsons - she really needed it! If I remember right, she had grown kids living with her, and she was having a hard time financially.....I just Love it when someone wins something, who REALLY needs it!

Interested in buying a ticket? There's still time, go here....

Good Luck! Sphere: Related Content

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Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! We don't have anything that compares here. It looks incredible!

And yes, you can't even let kids walk off for a minute even at the local fairs and carnivals. It's sad because I too remember going off and playing at the county fair in Tennessee.

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