Thursday, August 28, 2008

Planting Garlic

It rained here all morning...but this afternoon the sun came out and it was really nice and warm, finally! I got the garlic bed weeded and loosened the has Great Soil, it's just compost and old manure....

I strung lines around the bed, mostly so we will know to Not walk on it for the rest of this season.

I started planting the cloves, I had 100 of them set aside. 9 to a row, about 6 - 8 inches apart.

I always leave the former row (or two) exposed so I can try to plant in a straight's a quirk I have. I've learned to embrace it! Sometimes details are really important to me, lol....I dunno

The soil here is so easy to work with, I easily pushed the cloves down several inches. Plant the cloves with the tip pointed UP.

And after I did that, I got a wheelbarrow full of my leftover compost and liberally sprinkled that on top.

I shouldn't have to do anything more to this bed until late-August next year, when I will harvest again. Except weed, I will have to weed.....every year, I try to be more conscientious about weeding....arrrrg.

Hah! I got so involved with planting, I got down on my knees...that doesn't happen often! Guess these gotta go in the washer!

And here's the garlic braid I made the other I had to take 4 heads off of it, because I didn't have quite enuf for the planting I did I think I have a total of 140 plants that should come up next year! Roasted garlic, yummmmmmy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Mulch with 4 to 6 inches of straw (don't use hay, it contains weed seeds). Straw should contain no weed seeds. This will keep the ground moist and warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and it will KEEP THE WEEDS TO A MINIMUM. See tips on the websites: and

Garlic hates weeds.


Linda Foley said...

I love your garlic braid Annie! It looks very nice. You are a wonderful inspiration for me... and I am sure to many others!

Anonymous said...

Hi again
My husband had a good idea; make the rows far enough apart that you can roto-KILL the weeds!
The rest is easy.
Sooz in NV

Anonymous said...

I've never seen garlic planted. Hmm.... I'll have to see if we can add it to our garden next year. Love the braid - how much more traditional can you get.

I'll have to look up garlic, because if you're planting it now I wonder if we can too.

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