Friday, November 28, 2008

A Bed for a Wolf

Our boy is Big, that's B I G.....real BIG...Half Wolf half Malamute....he has a job to do around here and gosh darn it, does he ever know it!

He spends the nights either laying on his blankie on our front porch OR running around the property, barking his head off, trying to keep the deer, moose, coyotes, bears, cougars and whatever else is out there....
We even have other Wolves, native ones, running around out here....sometimes at night they howl..and then we can hear our Wolf howling back at them (or with them)
Anyway, for probably the last year or two, we have been trying to get him a doggie know, like you see Lots of other doggies have.
Trouble is, they don't make doggie beds in Wolf size, at least not that we've been able to we think and think, and just cannot come up with an idea to use as a bed for our boy.
Now, we live far enough out in the country that we don't have garbage pick up....we have to take our stuff to the closest landfill. One kinda neat thing the District has started doing is setting up what they call Share Sheds at most of the landfills.
The idea behind a Share Shed is....if you have something that you think someone else might be able to use (and it's still in good condition) you are welcome to put it in the Share Shed. Sooner or later, someone will come along and check out the Share Shed and maybe pick something up from there. Another great way to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.
So, the other day, off we went to town and stopped off at the landfill on our way, to get rid of a bag of garbage. I look over at the Share Shed and I notice something on top of the roof. It's a mattress of some kind.
Took me about 30 seconds while I waited for the Gman and then I thought, gee that looks in good shape....someone will come and grab that. I thought maybe it's a crib mattress.
Bingo, bright light goes off in my head...aha! Wolfie Bed out I climb, go over and get it down, take a good look at it.
Well there ya go! Brought it home, bleached it down....
put his blankie on it...
had to tempt him with a couple of cookies in order to get him to climb onto the thing....but there he is. I think he likes it! And I think he'll enjoy it tonite....better to rest his bones on than the cold hard porch floor!
Looks like he just fits on it, lol....
It's snowing again outside, I'll take a pic when it stops...starting to look kinda pretty out there!
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Anonymous said...

He looks cozy. It's almost like you had his "wolf bed" made for him right down to the perfect size.

Aunt Krissy said...

How much does he weigh? My dog Abby has little hair ( Doberman) so her bed is my bed!

girlsmama said...

He is a magnificent looking animal. I love BIG dogs. I'm sure he keeps you well protected.

Anonymous said...

Hi all this is Annie's Gman. I am way up in north Alberta, working for a while.
Our Wolf X WOOS was just weighed at the vet, 57 Kg or 128 lbs. He's GReat.
Just want to say Hi and I Miss my Annie and Sir.


Annie said...

Hi girlsmama, and welcome to our blog! Thanks for leaving a comment..he is a wonderful protector and a great companion! If you have a blog, please leave a link so that we can check it out!

Krissy, I see the Gman answered you...we just had the Wolf into the vet for checkup and shots, and vet said he is in great condition!

Robin, it is pretty much exactly the size he needed, isn't it? He isn't spending as much time on there as I had hoped he would....I'm still working on that with him!

Gmannnnnn.....miss you too, I hugged a Wolf for ya today :)



Jenn said...

What a brilliant idea. I am going to find one of these for my poor old blind and decrepit border collie!

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