Monday, December 15, 2008

-36C This Morning

Ouchie's cold out there! -36C at 6am! And I just checked again, and the temperature hasn't changed.....
In case American friends are wondering...-40C = -40F. That is where the two temperatures meet.

Wearing my toque on my head, Uggs on my feet, 2 pairs of socks, fingerless mitts on my hands, hands wrapped around hotttt coffee....
And da Wolf....I kept him in the last 2 he is all snuggled up on the stair landing.
Think it's gonna be a hot oatmeal morning for the laying hens, poor things!
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Aunt Krissy said...

That is cold! I'm only at -8F but we got a real wind whipping around
I am haveing to push my dog out to go potty! She does her thing and is right back in

pamela said...

That is so very C-O-L-D.
But looking at Wolf-that is exactly how my poms lay-but and head up against something.

Annie said...

Our dogs all sound alike, lol! Da Wolf likes curling himself up in a ball, too....he lays his tail across his nose if he is cold.

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