Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Deep Freeze

We're defintely in a deep freeze here.....-25C this morning....and I think the high was probably around -12C. This is the same Arctic storm that's hitting the rest of BC, Alberta, Montana, Washington and Oregon....

I turned on some baseboard heaters down in our basement for the first time. We don't want any pipes freezing - the woodstove has been fully banked all day, but it still feels cold in the house. As the coldroom was a bit too cold, I opened the door partway, this will hopefully bring it up a couple of degrees in there.

Da Wolf goes out for a minute, then comes right back in! He has a comfy rug inside to curl up on.

The girls seem to be fine down in their coop. It's both insulated and heated, as long as they have lots of feed and lots of water, they should be fine. I picked up 9 eggs this morning, and since we have lots on hand already, I scrambled them up......
Wrapped the plate with tin foil to keep the eggs warm....
And brought them back down to the hens. They gobbled 'em up like nuttin!
Yummy nice warm eggs in their tummies, figured it was the least I could do for them!
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