Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Cold Cold Morning's a cold one out there this morning. It was -15C when I got up and put the coffee on....I've got the woodstove blasting, and I feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy because I have so many layers of clothes on!

When I went to get wood from the mud room, I saw this....frosty whorls on the Inside of the windows. Granted, the mud room isn't heated...I actually like the windows like this, they make some neat designs!

And a pic of the valley, everything is frosted and iced out looks beautiful on the trees, everything is sparkling. The sun is out too....

I'm determined to get the yearly Christmas letter done today, so I can get moving along on the cards that need to get out into the mail....and I may do a bit more decorating later on today!

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Aunt Krissy said...

Great! You made me go outside to see what -15C was! It looks like about 4 above? Right now I'm at
-0-....and the wind is picking up

pamela said...

We actually had a little snow fall on the coast yesterday.(MS coast)
Man that's cold.Where you are at!!! It was 38 here yesterday. My husband calls before he left the office and ask me was it to cold to shoot a deer this evening? I told him "no it's not to cold to shoot one,but it is to clean one" We don't have a shed to clean one it...just the wide open yard.

Annie said...

Pamela, you don't often get snow there do you? That temp there would be great deer hanging weather wouldn't it? But yes, standing around in the cold yard wouldn't be the best...but you'd get great meat out of it!


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