Friday, December 12, 2008

Finally ...a Good Number of Eggs

Our hens have been slowing down for quite awhile now. We culled some of the hens early this Fall, as we had waaayyyy too many birds for the amount of eggs they were giving. A few of them were moulting, but there were Several that seemed to be "just along for the ride".
So we ended up with 18 birds. Day before yesterday I noticed one that looked like she wasn't feeling well....listless and with a very pale comb. Yesterday when I went down in the morning to feed them, she was dead.

That leaves us with 17 birds now....and we had been getting maybe 8 or 9 eggs a day, the odd day getting 10.

This morning, here's what I collected. 13 eggs out of 17 girls...things are looking up! let's hope they keep this up!

One egg was Really Tiny...way smaller actually than the little ones that the new hens are laying. So, maybe just maybe one of the hens is coming off the moult?? Hope so!
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JJJ said...

So how are you using all these eggs? Do you end up selling or giving some away?

Annie said...

Sorry Jenny to reply so late....we use them ourselves, plus we sell some ($3 dz)....pickle a bunch of them cuz the Gman likes to take him when he goes to work....otherwise we cook up extras for the Wolf, pigs or even feed them back to the chickens....

I gave 2 dz as a birthday present last week, lol....since we had sooo much snow, I could not get to town to get her a gift. She got lots of gifts like that from the women here in the Valley - we were all in the same boat!

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