Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Few Snow Pictures

A few pics from yesterday's still snowed more after I took these!
My path down to the barn....

I measured 9 inches yesterday when I was out shovelling....and just talked to a friend down the Valley. She said this morning the snow was over her rubber boots!

I am going to spend more time today shovelling paths etc....the power flickered a lot yesterday and went out for about 2 hours...

Flickering last night too....and this morning, the internet was hard to connect, so I'll just put up a few pics for now. More later hopefully!
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JJJ said...

That's pretty... of course I'm not shoveling it!

What do you think your elevation is there? How far out in the sticks are you?

Linda Foley said...

Your snow look really COOL! (Glad it is you and not me! LOL ;)

pamela said...

I have never experienced snow that deep.I would like to,maybe just one time--to go deer hunting in.

Annie said...

hi Jenny, we are at 2850 feet elevation.....not bad for around here, an hour south is 1000 feet higher!

Glad you all like the snow pics, I am going to try to get some more today!


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