Monday, December 8, 2008

I Think We Lost Our Canopy

Ugggg....sometimes I am so forgetful....sometimes it's not that big a deal, but.....

We've had a canopy up for the last couple years, sometimes I park my little SUV in there....not this winter tho, and I guess I should be glad about that!
The Gman has been storing a few truck parts in there, plus we had a hunting buddy come up awhile ago, and we are storing his ATV in there.

This is what the canopy is supposed to look like! I took this pic this past March or April...but see, that's what it looked liked.
So, over the last several days, as I have watched the snow falling, I have been sure to check on the greenhouse that the Gman tarped over. We figured it would be OK this winter, because he made the roof with such a steep pitch, surely it would shed the snow.

And yes, it has.

But, this is what I came out of the house yesterday to find.....

I should have known better. We've had so much snow, and then freezing rain...and the snow is so much heavier than it usually is. I've been concentrating on making sure we have pathways to the barn , around the house etc.
I should have gone in the canopy the other day with a broom, and used the handle to knock off a bunch of the snow. I dug out enough of it so I could see that there doesn't seem to be any damage to the ATV. The canopy is ripped in a couple of places (thank goodness for duct tape!). The frame is either badly bent or broken, I can't tell. There's still so much heavy snow on there, it's hard to tell.
A disappointment, that's for sure....
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