Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas!

I know, I know....I shoulda started before now...but hey, this is Me I'm talking about! Some good news...friends were going into town so they will mail the Christmas cards! That was beginning to bother me, I want people to have the cards before the holiday!

It's hard to believe in 8 days it will be Christmas! This year has gone by so fast...I guess they all do when ya get older.

So I've gotten just "a bit of a start" on decorating. It was sooo cold here a few days ago, I was running around trying to button up the house as best I could.

I remembered I had bought a solar sheet - supposed to help keep the warm air in and the cold air out in the winter, so I hastily hung that up over the living room door (that doesn't get deck out there yet).

It doesn't look so good, lol! So this afternoon, I turned it into a present....

I started setting up the Nativity's not finished yet, looking kinda hard still....have to soften it up abit.

My little angels - given to me from a great lady I used to work with at the College....I think I've had these probably 10 years.....they come out every Christmas.

And the sofa table decorated...I did that several days ago.....I also ran some lights.

It's starting to look like Christmas!
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