Thursday, December 18, 2008

Milking a Cow (or Goats)

I've never had a milk cow or a milk goat. My grandpa did....lots of dairy cows, but I was just little then.

I've thought about getting a milk goat. But I don't think so. I Really don't want to be tied down to the milking, even tho I seem to be at home most of the time! Plus, we can get our goat milk from a friend.

But I'm interested in learning more about animals. Maybe we will get a feeder calf, let it grow out on the grass and eventually send it off to freezer camp.

Anyway I have been reading over at Throwback at Trapper Creek. Matron has wonderful photographs, and great write ups over there, you should check it out, if you haven't been there before....

A few weeks ago, Matron put up a tutorial on milking. Lots of explanation along with the usual great if you ever wondered how to milk a cow bop over to the link below.... Sphere: Related Content


Aunt Krissy said...

I never have milked a goat either. I'm getting 3 goats this spring. Dairy goat. So I will need to learn how to do that. i want to make soap and cheese with the milk. I have a friend tha has goats and come spring time she will show me all the goat stuff I will need to know.

Linda Foley said...

Hehe - bet you are changing your mind these days! I think I read you say "I'm trying to talk Gman into it" or something of the sort... LOL

Annie, I don't think they will tie you down any more than any other animal you have. I have even read many times that people milk once a day instead of two. I've thought of that myself... I was thinking that once the kids are weaned, I will switch to evening milkings instead of morning. But we will see. I may do twice daily milkings because of the small size of my goats and the desire to get more milk.

Linda Foley said...

Ah I just noticed this thread again.

I do milk just once a day these days, although come spring I will milk twice a day again.

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