Friday, December 19, 2008

The Next Round

It's time for the next round of Cold was -30C when I got it has warmed up to a balmy -25C...

I think we're in for a very cold fashion statement these past two weeks consists of...2 pairs of socks, long johns, lined flannel blue jeans...undershirt, long sleeved t shirt, long sleeved longjohn top, sweatshirt, sweater AND my lined heavy duty workvest.
All topped off by 2 toques....all of this at the same time, lol! I still feel like the Pillsbury DoughBoy.
I'm taking some comfort in the fact that Everyone around here is layering right now like I am....yesterday 4 friends stopped in for tea. Took them all a loooonggg time to get their outerwear off, then they all huddled by the woodstove.
I am being VERY careful around here....walking carefully down to the barn, making sure the Wolf goes everywhere with me. Any work that could turn dangerous is simply not being done.
I have zero desire to slip and fall, break a bone etc while I am here alone in this kind of weather. Two careful daily trips to the barn to bring hot water down to the girls is the extent of my outside activity.
I can't WAIT for tomorrow night, the Gman will be back home, where he belongs....he has a long cold drive ahead of him. I hope the road conditions will be OK.

It sure does look purty out there tho!
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Aunt Krissy said...

burrr......We are to get hit with a snow storm then by monday we are going to gt cold again...not your kind of cold, just down to 0F.

Be careful!

pamela said...

I know you will be so glad to see your Gman. It's purdy there--but it's so COLD. Seems like everyone is getting over their share of snow and cold weather this winter---and it's not even winter yet. Well it's about 75 degrees here today. Windows and doors are all open. Be safe and stay warm.

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Yeah it is quite cold here as well but not near as cold as you guys are seeing. Keep warm and enjoy the down time.

Annie said...

There are a lot of folks suffering in this cold weather. I am so thankful that Gman is back home for awhile!

Rick, welcome to our blog, thanks for the comment!


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