Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Snowing Again!

It has been snowing since very early this morning....I again had to shovel the path to the's still snowing now and they are calling for more snow to come over the next two days.

It's warmer today tho, thank goodness! 0C as I write this just after 11am....

I use my garden bench as a bit of a measure as to how much snow we get, lol!
Can you see it there in the pic to the left?
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pamela said...

This last pic would make a beautiful Christmas card-What a scenery you have.
Wolf still keeping you cozy?

moni said...

hahahaha, we have a new "kitty-kitty", she brings my dish sponge to me every hour when in the house, sleeps on Casey's bed, he is my BIG dog, and generally takes over. You gotta love 'em, but kittens are a handful!

Annie said...

Hi Pamela, you bet he is keeping me cozy. Nothing like a big warm wolf to keep a body warm!

Moni, kittens sure are a handful...only until they get us trained, that is

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