Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Snowing!

It's snowing out there, really snowing! I think THIS is the "snow that will stay"....

And I guess it musta been a bit's the porch - I was trying to take pics as it was just getting light. Didn't work too well....we really need to upgrade our camera!
When I grow up, I want a real railing around the porch :)
But it looks kinda country, don't it? Stucco wire and a log for railing....yeehaw!!!!! It goes well with the satellite dish collection we seem to have started.....

And a couple more pics, as it got lighter......

Down the Valley
I'm gonna need to shovel my way down to the girls this morning.....might as well get the path started....
I've been dipping my Big Toe into the stock market this week....sux to get up at 5:30am (markets open 6:30am my time) but so far, so's working out! I'm not holding nuttin, just flipping! I'm too Yella to hold!
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