Thursday, December 4, 2008

What Is Happening with My Counter???

How bizarre....does this happen out here in blogland? You get a counter, and then 9 months later, it just seems to stop working....then resets itself and starts over again?

A few months ago, we hit 10,000...Google Adsense is telling me we have close to 14,000. And yet....according to the counter I see, we have 14.

Yes, 14 hits....uggg.

I'll have to talk to my Help remember this guy?
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Aunt Krissy said...

Hey your up to 32 now!

Annie said...

Hi Krissy....I hav to talk to my son, maybe I can get a new counter and have it start at 11,400? That's about where we were when the counter reset istelf, rrrrrrr


Linda Foley said...

Sometimes the counters have a limit before they start all over... maybe you can reset that.

Bummer! Oh and I LOVE your snow! LOL

Annie said...

Thanks Linda, I'm gonna check with my Help Desk today and see what he can do...


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