Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Journey - A Place for Homesteaders (and Others!)

I belong to a neat forum...a place where I can go and ask questions, provide some possible answers, hang out with people who live (or would like to live) the lifestyle the Gman and I so appreciate.

There's a button over on the right hand side of this blog....called The Journey. Click on it and come on over to the Forum. You can read the posts as a Guest, if you like, but it'd be great if some of the readers sign up and join in the postings over there....

There's subjects like Gardening, Cooking, Raising Animals, Self Sufficiency and all kinds of other topics. There are a few Homesteading Journals on there, where people post often about what they are doing on their homesteads or in their city backyards.

Click on it and check it out!

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Linda Foley said...

Oh thank you Annie!!! Great BIG hug to you!!! {{{{HUG}}}}

Overthrust said...

That's a great forum. Thanks!

Aly Carm said...

what a nice place! Will have to sign up for it.

Carolyn Evans-Dean said...

I am very familiar with that forum as Linda is also a poster at She really goes the extra mile to actually make a "study" of being a homesteader. I love her methods and the unique ways in which she shares everything with her readers. She really practices what she preaches. Besides, her goats are extremely cute!

Annie said...

Linda, yw!

Overthrust, thanks for the comment, I went over and checked out your blog and look forward to reading some more.

Aly, it would be great to get more folks over there to the Journey, lots of good info there! I checked out your blog too, looks good!

MartianChick, do u already post over there? let us know what your screen name is! I read your blog the other night, lots of good information for people on it, good for you!



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