Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Devon

Friends of ours had a beautiful baby boy....Devon was born March 2, and weighed 9lbs, 10 oz!!! A big boy!!!

Devon's parents had a photographer come in. Look at these gorgeous pics she took!

I LOVE this one!!! Well, I LOVE them both, they're fantastic pics!
Here's her website - bop over and have a peek at her work!
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Carolyn Evans-Dean said...

Her work is gorgeous! Those are like works of art, not your typical family photos.

ChristyACB said...

Now those are amazing! They are going to treasure those forever!

However, I'm thinking that top one is going to provide some *wonderful* fodder for teasing when he is a teenager. What do you think?

Annie said...

She has amazing shots over on her website...

Christy, thanks for the idea!I've printed it off, and put in my BF file (for 14 years from now)....I think his parents should show this pic to EVERY girlfriend he brings home, lol!!


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