Sunday, March 15, 2009

Down At the Barn

Last week, the snow finally slid off the barn roof. What a mess....remember that ice storm we had back before Christmas? Yeah, well, that caused the snow on the roof to develop a good layer of icy crust.

That, in turn, helped the snow stay ON the roof until this past week. As it is, we still have snow on the woodroom roof, and part of the house...

Here's the barn area....this is where we grew the Animal Garden. See the gate in the middle right of the pic?

The fencing in the foreground is 4 feet you can see we still have a lot of snow. There is definite meltage happening tho!

Compare it with this pic last summer....

Here's the other side....this is where the meat birds had their run last year.
's the aisleway. This is the pathway we use to walk from barn over to where we had the pigs last year.

Looks like a bunch of wire has been taken down by the weight of the snow.....funny, I tried to take that wire down in the Fall, but I couldn't get the staples out. Well, they're out now!!!
The days are getting warmer - pretty soon everything will be a muddy oozy mess....I can't wait! Cuz, after that, comes green green grass and hands in dirt!
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1 comment:

Aunt Krissy said...

My snow is almost gone. That's one think about moving south from AK. The winter sure is shorter. In fact it's 45 atmy house! Yippy Skippy!

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