Friday, March 20, 2009

Piglets Coming in the Morning!

So, tomorrow mid morning, we'll be going to pick up this years piggies.....we're going to start them off in the barn. We'll put them in the big room the meat birds were in last year.

We still have so much snow on the ground, and with the Gman working away for a bit, this is the easiest way to go. Less stressful for me, since I don't have to be on such close lookout for predators. The piglets are sitll pretty small, and we don't want something coming and trying to get in the big run.

I'll be taking some pics tomorrow, for sure, and will get them put up sometime during the day.

Sunday, we will be heading down to the Coast. Places to go and people to see. I am really looking forward to it, after spending the whole Winter up here in the snow and ice.

We have someone to stay here at the house and keep an eye on everyone for us. I hope the piggies will settle in right away, it will make me feel better about leaving them so soon!

I'm sure they'll be long as they have their feed and water and maybe some scratches by their caretaker, they should do OK!

Winter is at an end....Spring has sprung today!!! So, the work of the New Year begins again for us. After I at back home in a week, I'll be starting the garden seedlings right away. I can't Wait!!! Sphere: Related Content


Aunt Krissy said...

Do you have a problem petting then eating the piggies? Today I'm going to a place where there are 16 pigs that are ready to be cut and wraped. I bought half a pig. So all that bought pig come together and cut and wrap. Many hands make light work. I worry that when I get my chickens and after taking care of them I might have a hard time "taking care" of them. The eating part, no problem. The "off with their heads" part maybe.

Annie said...

Yes, I would be lying if I said it didn't matter. The first time we butchered, I didn't eat pork for about 2 weeks.

Last fall, it was easier...but I don't think it ever gets easy peasy, I'd be worried if it did!

I like the joy our animals bring us and the barnyard all season. We don't take any joy in the slaughtering.

I saw your post about going to help with the wrapping. The sides of pork looked great hanging there! Good for you for doing that, and raising your own chickens this year. You'll see it both on the feed bill and in your health, how much better off you will be!


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