Monday, May 4, 2009

Company Coming Tomorrow!

We have friends coming tomorrow for a couple of days! It will be great to see them - one of our friends from Parksville and her daughter.

I've already arranged with my friend here in the Valley for all of us to go with her on a walk with her goats and sheep! I'll bring the camera and take some pictures. There are lots of baby lambs and baby goats at her place now.

So today we had to go to town, had a couple appointments. We didn't get home till almost dinner time. I've got Japanese Chicken in the oven, it's really good! I'll have to post the recipe.

We've eaten off the same chickens it seems for 4 days now. Today, the Gman made up a broth with the carcass and the little bit of meat left. So, he's got the canner going out on the porch with 7 quarts of broth!
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ChristyACB said...

Oh yes, please do post a recipe for that chicken. And I'm totally impressed with 4 days on a chicken and then making broth too! Can you outline how you did it?

Annie said...

Done Christy! The recipe, anyway....I'll post later about how we used up the chicken!



Linda Foley said...

Chicken broth! Yum!!! I've been making broth also - beef, pork and chicken...

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