Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Smoking Bacon

First, dinner tonite....

Lasagna, made with pork And beef burger. We grew the pork, a buddy grew the beef....combined with homemade tomato sauce, and all other kinds of goodies....homegrown oregano and parsley added as well...

We'll eat very Well for a couple of meals, and I'll put the rest in meal size portions in the freezer. The Gman likes to take homemade food with him when he goes off to work.....he works hard and needs a big hearty meal!

Ok, back to Bacon....resting on the kitchen counter are 6 lbs of pork bacon. The Gman will put them in the brine for a few days, prior to firing up his smoker.

Here's the process he follows....the first post is about Homemade Pea Soup we made with the hams...the other two posts are the Brining and Smoking Process.
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