Sunday, May 3, 2009

Getting Ready for Meat Birds (Chickens)

Well, we have our meat birds coming on May 13th....they'll be day old chicks. The hatchery will send them directly to my little local post office, and I'll be there first thing in the morning to bring them home.

They'll be going in the big room at the barn. This room, the one we used for the piglets....

After we moved the piglets to their outside run, we had to clean out the barn room....ugh!

What a job! But we wanted to get it done right away, so we could air out the room for a couple of weeks before the chicks arrive.

Every day I was going down there for an hour or so, bringing wheelbarrowfulls (hmmm, is that one word or two?) over to the manure pile....then the Gman told me he could reach in with his machine and get about half the room cleaned that way!


Every scoop is about 20 loads for me to wheel over....

After he was finished, we both went in and tackled the rest. Too bad the little John Deere doesn't have a front end loader (yet!) on it, or we could have just used that.....One day, it will all come together. In the interim, we do what we have to, with what we have on hand.
This afternoon, we are hoping to go out and get another truckload of firewood.
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ChristyACB said...

Wow, that is a load of poo!

Angie said...

Thank goodness for excavators!! I am hoping to get more chicks too.....if i can get my plan i hatched (hehe) going!! I have heard that pig poo is the best fertilizer too!

Annie said...

I am SOOOO grateful for that big machine! It has saved our backs many times already!

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