Sunday, May 17, 2009

Inside the Greenhouse and a Peek in the Berry Bed

Busy busy busy here today....a few days ago, I transplanted the tomatoes and left them in the greenhouse on the shelf....I'll post about transplanting them, but not today....

So here's a pic of what I have in there so far, the cabbages are doing great in there! Soon they'll be able to get put in the garden.
Between the cabbage and the tomatoes are cups that I seeded with sunflowers the other day, no action happening yet....

And the tomatoes seem to be doing ok too! Although they are still small, they have settled in nicely in their new big deep pots. I'll leave them in until they are able to be put into the soil.

And a picture of the garlic coming up really nicely. Thanks again to GarlicMan for his hint of mulching with lots of straw. It has done the trick! There are hardly any weeds coming up in the garlic bed!

And a pic of most of the berry bed.....rhubarb, raspberries, chives, cranberry bushes, lovage, and of course, couchgrass...grrrrrrrr!

And, some geese that seem to be making their home in our Valley for the season. They are not at all leery of the pigs, and in fact, like to hang out right behind the pig pen!
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