Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Planting Peas, Rutabagas and Field Peas

It's been quite a productive day around here! The Gman has been working on the barn siding....he's also been putting Tposts down in the pasture, so we can move the pigs out there.

We also laid out all the hoses for watering, soaker hoses, etc. We didn't hook anything up as the temperatures are pretty cool right now at night.

I've finished planting the first half of the Animal Garden. Did 7 rows of rutabagas, and 4 rows of field peas. That's in addition to the 5 rows of turnips and 4 rows of mangels already in there.

I can't plant the other half of this Garden until we move the pigs..a couple of weeks maybe.

But that'll give me time to work on our Main Veggie Garden. The other day, I got the Homesteader and Alaska Peas planted around the perimeter of the fence.

Today I got the Sugar Snaps planted in a double row in the garden where we hung the pea netting.

Planted the peas about 1 inch apart. First put down a nice thick layer of composted manure. From now till harvest, they shouldn't need anything more than regular watering.....
Another job done and off the list.

I'll maybe work on the upper right of the main garden next. Carrots, beets, lettuce, chard, spinach can all go in.

Busy days, wonderful days! There's nothing like being out in the dirt!
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Linda Foley said...

I LOVE working in the dirt! This time of year is such an exciting time! So much expectation! But then watching the veggies grow is my favorite... I just love it!

(Did I use enough [!!!]? LOL)

pamela said...

Don't you just love baby chicks?
I love to hold them, and kiss their
little head. But, I know these are meat chickens.And I love me some good chicken.

Aunt Krissy said...

Wow, you have been a busy little bee! I need to take some lessons from you. I have yet to start planting anything. I decided to keep my garden the same size this year. I'm thinking about buying a 1/2 share in a farmers market that would give me a box of veggies each week from now till mid Sept.
Not so much work if i go that way.
I don't like to toil in the sun.

Annie said...

Hi Linda, sometimes I wish it weren't quite so busy!

Pamela, they are cute when they first come, that lasts maybe 3 days, soon as they start growing and feathers come in, they are NOT so cute anymore!

Krissy, I think that's a good idea - you're already going to be busier because of your goats and hens....

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