Saturday, May 23, 2009

Putting the Pigs on Pasture

The other day, the Gman pounded in a bunch of Tposts in the close pasture. Then he ran two strands of electric fence and let the pigs in there....

Here's their new backyard! Not sure if you can see the white electric running....

We're hoping they will eat those willow roots, and drop the willows for us! You never know....and pigs like to keep busy.

They'll do lots of rooting and digging in here. When I took these pics, the pigs were pretty muddy....and Happy!!!

Da Wolf had a good time walking around the pasture....watching the piggies.

Muddy piggies.....

Look how cute this little guy is!!!

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Aunt Krissy said...

The sure are cute little guys. Sounds like they will have fun in their new "digs"

Annie said...

They aren't as cute as last years....this time around, they are more agressive. I guess that could be because there are more of them...twice as many as last year.

I'm glad I don't often have to actually go in their pen. As soon as they see us, they come zooming up, expecting food!

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