Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tilling the Garden

Someone around here was "A Man on A Mission" yesterday! The Gman found out he may have to go to work on Monday (he was hoping to stay home for several weeks!)

So he figured he should get a start on tilling the garden, just in case....So he started...

and he kept going.....

and going.....

and going! (Notice the chicken in the garden with him? Smart girl, she knows where the worms are)

You can also see water in the background....this is the overflow from the creek, that you normally can't even See from our yard. The water should recede in a week, maybe sooner. There are lots of beavers along the creek, as a result, our field gets bottom watered. Once we get the pasture reclaimed, we won't ever have to irrigate. Although, we will only get one cutting, but that's more than we are getting right now!
We've been in touch with the local trapper, and have given him permission to come onto our property in order to trap beaver. Almost everyone in the Valley has him come during the Winter. We were too late for this season, but Winter 09/10, he'll be here.

The Gman ended up tilling every square inch of the three veggie gardens! Yikes!

So, this means, pretty much any ol' time I feel like it, I can start putting in a few things. I could plant potatoes, lettuce, beets, chard, spinach, peas....any of the cool loving veggies.

I'll have to wait till the beginning of June before I put in tomatoes, peppers, squash etc...

Which reminds me, I have fallen down on the seed sowing part of my duties. I can't believe I am late starting squash, zuccini, and a whack of other stuff, including the marigolds that I like to plant amongst the Veggies (keeps some of the pests away). By my notes, I should have started them May 1!

So, I guess I have my work cut out for me today! I'm watching the market till 1pm my time, then I think I will head down to the seedling room to get started.
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Aly Carm said...

I am so jealous!! This year we aren't having a garden b/c we need to decide where to put it at our new place. I will live through you and yours! LOL

spotted face said...

I can't wait to see how a garden grows up in that climate!

Linda Foley said...

Cool getting the garden tilled Annie! I've gotten mine done pretty much too. Now I need to plant!

Annie said...

Hi Aly, no garden?? If you feel the need to weed or something, let me know, I could use an extra pair of hands!

Wandering Owl, thanks for the comment. We have long days here and lots of things grow really very well, especially root crops!

Linda, I've been planting potatoes this morning like a fiend, and am really glad to say I have one of my 3 gardens done! Yeah!!!! (all in potatoes) I'll be blogging about it later on


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