Tuesday, May 12, 2009


They're UP and they're growing.....we've had a pretty good germination, thank goodness!

A few of them are getting large enough that I will have to transplant them within a couple of days. Tomatoes are the only veggies I start from seed that I end up transplanting into larger containers.

I'll make sure to take pics when I do, and when you see the pics, and the end results, you'll understand why I transplant them!

Our chicks come tomorrow so we've been busy getting things ready for them. I'll be at the post office at 10am for when the truck comes with the mail. Then I'll race home with them and get them under the lights! I'll put up pics of that too!
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Aunt Krissy said...

That looks like alot of tomatoes.
I OD on them last year.

Captain Hook and Lady Crochet said...

Love 'em tomatoes! PS: I love the updated header pic. The other one looked sooo cold. :0) I updated mine to last night from Fall to Spring, :0)

Annie said...

Krissy, we did too, we made lots of sauce, we still have some left!

Stone Bridge, welcome and thanks for the comment. I've been so busy, I haven't kept up too well with the blog.

But you're right, and that's the same thing I thought when I looked at that pic yesterday....Spring has sprung and the header needed to be changed!

I will check out your blog when I get a few extra minutes!


ChristyACB said...

Love the new picture up top there.

Tomatoes: Yes, I'm drooling for that first big slicer to make a drippy tomato sandwich. Argh!

My tomatoes are up to 3 feet high now and I've probably got a hundred little babies on them. Getting from here to that first ripe on is the longest wait ever.
Don't you think?

Annie said...

3 feet already???? Unreal Christy!

Getting them ripe on the vine is very hard up here, we do it, but I end up having to ripen a lot of them in the house for making sauce and salsa.


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