Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moving the Meat Birds Outside

Finally! We got it done!!! The ditch, that is....the one down at the barn outside the meatbird room.

We've been shovelling pickup truckloads of sand for a few days now. There's a gravel pit down the road from us....for the folks who work on the roads. They don't mind if people come to get sand and gravel long as you don't bring big machinery in.
For us to pay delivery fees to have a truck come way out here would be really expensive. Free is better right? So,'s over with, and we're glad we won't have to haul gravel again for that job.
So now the ditching is done on that side, and we should really be able to see the difference next year when the Big Melt happens again in late winter....

We closed off the two ends with chicken wire, threw down some hay and then opened the doors to the meat bird room.

Well, there are a couple of them out there. We'll give them their late afternoon feeding out here, so we can get them all out and then we'll give their room a good cleaning with the pitchfork.

Chickens really do lay around in the oddest positions! They are 4 weeks old today, halfway thru their short lives....
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Linda Foley said...

My garlic looks pretty sick again this year. Although some are starting to curl on the top... pretty neat! Perhaps next year the soil will be improved enough so that it grows better.

I've started writing in my blog again because some people just don't do forums...

No kids yet! I'm moving to the next available due date - July 13th... we will see.

Annie said...

Linda, be sure to cut those curly scapes....this will help the actual head below ground to grow bigger!

I'm going to put up a post on what to do with all those garlic soon as I have time!


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