Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Garden Harvest

We're having the same heat wave the rest of the West is having....altho I do think we don't have it quite as bad as some places on Vancouver's the temp at 6:30 this evening.....

Dang it's hot...we stay in the house all afternoon, it is simply too hot to work outside much.

Pretty much the whole province is under Extreme Fire Alert. It is sooo very dry out there, it's kinda scary! Forest fires are reported on the news every night....and Kelowna area had a large fire last week....

The Gman cut a bunch of lovage today, so I sat at the table and snipped and snipped and snipped....I have the time and am still not up to full speed, so it makes me feel like I am contributing something, lol!

I'll leave the leaves in the shallow basket for at least 10 days or so....stir it every day and store the leaves in canning jars for winter time use.

We luvs us some lovage! It has a taste quite like celery, and we add it to winter time soups and stews.....yummy stuff!

Here's a basket full of harvested veggies that Gman's Mama and Papa will take home with them. They are planning on leaving around 8am tomorrow morning, in an attempt to beat some of the heat. Still, it will be about an 9 hour trip home, and part of that will be spent waiting in the ferry lineup.
So, in the basket, we have a couple heads of lettuce, turnips, onion, and a head of cabbage.

And a few garden pics....everything is overgrown and overrun with weeds....the Gman is doing his best to get things harvested. I can't weed yet, as it's too hard on my arm...oh well...c'est la vie! Right???

That grass around the Berry Bed is pretty darn long, lol!

Animal Garden....

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Captain Hook and Lady Crochet said...

I have kind of a dumb question...why do you call it the animal garden?

spotted face said...

You guys get super-hot, and we're wondering when summer will get here. We're used to the temps you are having right now. Not so bad, though. We've only ran the air-conditioner for one week so far this year.
Here's to a cool down and some rain!

Linda Foley said...

Oh I know what you mean about the heat Annie! We are cooler than you in the mornings though - usually (lately) in the 60F, but it soars up to 108F! Gee Louisa! Man is that HOT! HOT! HOT!!!

Stay cool my friend...

Annie said...

It looks like we are getting the cool weather now. And boy do we need it.

Helicopters been flying around checking for fires caused by lightning strikes.

We've had lots of rain, but also lots of thunder and lightning.


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