Friday, July 31, 2009

Gathering Wild Berries

It's THAT time of year again....the wild berries are coming on...

These are native Saskatoon berry bushes, we have quite a few of them on our property. They bake up into wonderful pies, fruit crisps, jams and jellies, etc.

We spent a bit of time yesterday picking.....

ended up with 7 1/2 pounds! Today, we'll go to the other side of our property and pick over there. If we can end up with 20 pounds, the Gman wants to make wine.

I want more than 20 pounds, so I can freeze some whole berries to use in pies over the winter!

We also have native blueberries (low bush) and native strawberries as well. It's amazing what edible foods you can find by foraging around on your land!
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Linda Foley said...

Oh man! I remember those from my Alaska days - sure do miss it! I miss especially black currants. I will plant some some day. Our blackberries will be ready soon...

Angie said...

Lucky you! We do have alot of wild berries here to, but we have to drive to them. Blackberries are almost done, i am hoping to go to our future homestead and get a few 5 gallon buckets worth, there are some huckleberries and thimbleberries there too, but only enough to eat fresh.

Bent Birch said...

I was just commenting to my husband that the saskatoons are coming ready! I'm hoping to pick enough for several batches of jam, plus tarts, crisps, etc...better get picking!

Taylormade at HT

Annie said...

Angie and Linda, we really miss blackberries, we had lots of those when we lived on the Coast. We should be planning to go back their in August sometime so we could pick!

Bent Birch, I was out yesterday afternoon again and managed to get an ice cream bucket full. There are tons more out there, what a great year for Saskatoons....did you get lots too?


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