Thursday, August 13, 2009

Raspberries, Hops.....and the Monster Turnip!

Wednesday we spent working around the place.....we had been away for several days, so animals needed to be checked on, veggies needed to be picked, the worst weeds needed to be pulled, blah blah blah

Picked 1 1/2 pounds of raspberries, weeeee! How nice to see these beauties coming on strong! I measured 2 cups of them out, and put them in freezer bags....tossed them in there! I'll use them up in muffins, or pies over the winter.

Picked, blanched and froze another round of snap peas....still have an ice cream bucket of shell peas waiting for me to bust open, blanch and freeze. Maybe tonite.

The Gman pulled all the yellowing leaves off the chard and fed them off to the animals....

Got a bit of Saskatoon berry picking done in the late afternoon.

Oh! And I went in the greenhouse and cut off the third stalk on the corn. Yes, they pretty much all have 2 ears and many want to grow a 3rd! But it is getting later in the season and those 3rd ears are Very Small, so I don't think there is time. I'd rather have the plant energy put into growing the 2 ears on each stalk instead!
The Hops plant is setting fruit.....We've got this growing along the fence close to the house. It's looking good and next year, it will probably take over the whole fence!
If we have enuf hops set, the Gman would like to try making mangel ale this fall.
And Turnip! Unreal....6 1/2 freaking pounds!
We fed it off to the pigs, cutting it up for them. I'm sure it tasted really really Woody, but they don't really care.
Pigs are a great composting system!!!!
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Linda Foley said...

So Have you gotten any ripe corn yet?

Annie said...

Linda, we're going to check on the ears today! Here's hoping it's corn for dinner!!!


Meadowlark said...

Quite late in commenting, but we used to fly turnips onto the field for cattle feed and they'd grow HUGE before we let the cattle onto them. They weren't woody at all, but I think it was more of the way they were grown than anything else.

Just useless stuff. :)

Annie said...

Not useless at all Meadowlark! That's what we're about, trying to spend less money at the feed store and growing more feed ourselves.

I am beginning to want a cow next year (not dairy) so is good to know they will chow down on turnips too. Turnips grow really well up here!


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