Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Home Again

Well, we are home again....sooner than we had expected. The first appointment we had yesterday was with the medical oncologist for the chemo.

My test results from California are still not in....the doctor assured me they will receive them Sept 11, this Friday. She recommended we wait until we get the score before doing anything. She has booked a tentative chemo appointment for Monday, the 14th, in case I need to get started.

She felt that things should be fine, as long as I start treatment before 12 weeks post surgery.

After we finished meeting with her, we met with the radiation oncologist. I definitely have to have the radiation. This means 5 weeks of radiation every day, Monday to Friday. Also means relocating to Kelowna for the 5 weeks.

So, for right now, things are up in the air until we hear the results on Friday. Guess this means I can get more things done around here for the next few days, which is never a bad thing....think I'll try to get more of the garden put to bed for winter. Sphere: Related Content


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a hard time to wait for results...

Glad to hear that you have things to do outside and about to keep you busy and hopefully satisfied.


Aunt Krissy said...

Bummer about waiting. I think that sometimes that that is the hardest thing to do. Will Gman go with you for 5 weeks or will he stay to take care of it all?

Annie said...

It's only been the last day or so that I am beginning to get impatient about it all.....but tomorrow I should know one way or the other.

Krissy, we're not sure at all whether Gman will come along or stay here. We're trying to get the garden wrapped up and the pigs finished off, just in case....


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