Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunshine and Sunflowers

We Do have sunflowers! I guess they were just waiting to grow! The Gman tied them up yesterday I can sit on the porch and stare at them.....
I've been doing quite a bit of porch sitting the last few days. It's an important skill to know...and I am proud to say I am getting Good at it!

The Main Garden....we've been cleaning it out bit by bit. I have been pulling the beans and hanging them in the Greenhouse to dry the pods.

This yellow plant is called Globe Thistle, says the neighbour who gave it to me. The white plant beside it is some type of Baby's Breath. These two plants have been blooming for months! Solid months of colour!!

I'm going to try to divide them this Fall and move them someplace else, I will need that extra room in the Strawberry Bed next year, I think!

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Anonymous said...

You have been in my thoughts and prayers often.
Love your sunflowers!
The finches won't leave my small ones alone; they hang on and dine, while the plant whips around in the perpetual Nevada summer wind!
How do you know when the giant ones are ready to dry, since you are my horticultural expert!

Linda Foley said...

You sound so upbeat! Even your porch sitting is upbeat! The sunflowers are nice.

Annie said...

Susan, I really am not sure. I am not successful AT ALL with sunflowers. Matter of fact, this year I have the Most I have ever had, lol.

But, I have read that, in order to get the birds to leave the seedheads alone, you can pull a piece of pantyhose over the flowerhead. So they won't be able to pull the seeds out....

Maybe the seeds themselves loosen up over time? Maybe that is when u can cut them off and then hang them upside down to dry more, in an airy area??? Good luck

Hi Linda, I'm faking, hahahha

Linda Foley said...

The sunflowers do loosen up after they are dried. Then you can take a screen, with holes large enough for the sunflowers to fall through, and just scrape the heads over the screen and the seeds just fall through. I use my thumb and just push on them and they pop right out. They have to be dry first though.

You are doing a good job of faking it Annie!


Linda Foley said...

Oh ya, I cut mine before they dry out and put them in a safe place to dry. While they are still growing, you can put a cheese cloth tied to the heads also to keep the birds out if you need to.

Annie said...

Linda, thanks for those extra tips!


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