Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dangggggg.....It's Coldddddd

It's freezing and then some out there! This is what we woke up to this morning.....-12C when we first got up! The ole Arctic front again.....

Friday the Gman got the first 2 pigs ready to go off to the butcher....we dropped them off yesterday.
Came home, and canned up the trimmings for da Wolf. We did these jars last night and we have one more load to go. At least da Wolf won't starve this Winter!

I'm feeling ok...getting tired tho. That's bound to happen on the third day, so they tell me. The last 2 days I was able to get out and get some garden work done. We still have at least 1 long row of potatoes to dig up.....they'll just get put on the woodstove right away for the pigs. The potatoes were Frozen yesterday, when I dug them up!

We also went over and got the poop trailer again. The Gman used his excavator to dump the trailer onto the Main Veggie Garden....who knows, tho, when it will warm up enuf to spread it out over the gardens?

This morning, I am going to go over to the neighbour's for coffee...yeah! I get to go out! Next week I won't be able to, as I'll be in the middle of my chemo cycle, but today I can still get out and see people.

Too bad we're not with my boys for Thanksgiving.....too far to travel when I am not at my best. But they are with my parents for the Holiday, so at least they are getting some turkey!
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Linda Foley said...

Hey Annie, I have been making homemade dog food of late for my dog. When I read you were canning scraps for your dog, I was wondering how you feed him. Do you give him commercial dog food with the craps or how do you do it?

Frozen potatoes? WOW!!! that must be cold +10*F (-12*C = +10*F correct?) WOW!!! It never gets that cold here even in the dead of winter. The coldest it hasn't gotten so far here was +15*F.

Annie said...

Hi Linda, I just checked and it looks like -12C is about 15F? Close to that anyway...yes there is a bit of a weather difference between California and BC, ha!

We feed da Wolf dry dog food, then top it off with some of the homemade stuff....he's gotta have his meat, everything else is just "Filler" to him!


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