Friday, October 9, 2009

'Maters, 'Taters and Hats

Appointment yesterday went well....felt so good when we got home, I got a few things done. Lots to do still around here and best to get something done while I can.

Checked again on the 'maters in the paper bags.....took out all the nice ripe ones. Found a few more with frost damage on them (foreground), and set them aside for the pigs.
We could maybe cut away the portions damaged by frost and freeze the rest of the mater but I'm not sure....I'll need to look into that - does anyone know if that is ok to do?

Put the rest back in the paper bags, with a thin layer of newspaper on top, making sure I added quite a few fairly ripe tomatoes to each bag.

I'm going to try to get out later this morning once it warms up and keep on digging potatoes....I think we're down to digging the last 7 rows. Gotta get the job done and move onto something else!
Rockin' the Cassock.....nice toasty warm little hat, made of fleece...keeps the dome warmer!!
-6C here this morning at 8am....we are hoping it doesn't snow soon. It is Way Tooo early for snow!

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Holly said...

As for cutting away the damaged parts of the tomatoes and using the rest, I do. Typically, I cut off the damaged parts to give to the chickens or hogs and cook the undamaged part down into a thick tomato sauce. I don't even bother to peel the skin off but just pick them out with a fork when the tomatoes have cooked down a ways. As for snow. Yes, it is way too early but here in eastern Wyoming USA, we are down to the single digits Fahrenheit at night and it is below freezing in the daytime. I hope fall is around the corner of this winter snap for I too have lots of chores left to get done before winter. We've had six inches of snow so far and it's snowing again today and forecasted for tomorrow also.

Aunt Krissy said...

I don't know about maters and taters but I do like the hat. I just got done reading your other post. I liked the Mowhawk, too bad that you didn't go for the sweet mullet.

Annie said...

Thanks Holly for letting me know about using those frost damaged maters.....I am surprised at how few there actually were! I thought more would turn over a few days, but they didn't, so am glad I got them all inside when we did.

Do u still have snow? It snowed here the other day for awhile but nothing stuck to the ground, thank goodness. I still have sooo much to do outside, and I am NOT ready yet for Winter.

Hi Krissy, not enuf length for a mullet (thank goodness, lol!)

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