Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cleaning out the Cold Room

Today I went in for bloodwork, and my results were good, according to the tomorrow I have my second round of chemo. We're very grateful that I can get my treatment at the hospital in 100 Mile House, as it will save us many hours of drive time.

After the blood tests, we took a quick trip to The Puddle, a larger city a couple of hours away. We did some stocking up, stopped and visited with friends, and headed home.

So tonight, the Hockey Game is on. Vancouver Canucks against Montreal Canadiens. Right now, it's 6 - 1 for Vancouver, yeahhhhh! It would be nice to see them have some more consistency in their playing.....oh, never mind, it's now 7 - 1, Alex Burrows just scored!!!

In between periods, we've been going down to start cleaning out the Cold Room, a job that should have been done months ago.....such is life on the homestead! It's really more of a tidy up that has been needed.....sweeping up the dirt that falls out of the bags of potatoes, rearranging jars of canning, that kind of thing.'s why we finally got the Cold Room cleaned....we need someplace to put all these taters! They are all still sitting in the kitchen, waiting patiently. And it's OK they have stayed there.....I like to keep them in a warmer place than the Cold Room for a bit, once they come up from the Garden. Not a Warm Place....just warmer than it is downstairs....helps I think a bit with curing them.

Now that things are tidier downstairs, we'll start moving them down tomorrow....


Taters Everywhere!

When cleaning up down there, I again came across one of our big containers of Canola Oil.

We buy it in bulk (16 litres), as it is a lot cheaper. I just fill up our 4 litre container that I keep in the Pantry in the kitchen.

Guess I can put these dried Peas away now too.....

I think I may have put a pic of this garlic "braid" up already, not sure. This here is a Hillbilly Garlic actual braiding involved and it's all held together with baling twine. HA!
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Linda Foley said...

Are the dried peas ones you raised?

I sent you a PM over on the forum...

Take care and I hope your next round of Chemo goes well.

Annie said...

Yup, the peas are Alaska....they are a type of field pea that can be used for either soups or to feed the chickens with.

Mine seem to be going for soup lol!


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