Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Putting the Main Garden to Bed

I should have titled it TRYING Desperately to put the main garden to bed! Cuz there aren't enough hours in our days and not enough energy from me to get the job done.

We picked up a trailerload of horse biscuits the other day from our friends.....the Gman took a section of the garden fence apart and used his machine to lift the trailer into the garden and dump it. Nice - it made the job quite a bit easier!

We gave the cabbage bed a quick hoeing, then I broadcast fall rye on the area. Then we got a really nice thick layer spread out on the cabbage bed.
The cabbages had all been pulled, trimmed of outer leaves and stored in the cold room downstairs. There were a few that little slugs got at, and we are feeding those off to the pigs. So that part of the garden = all done!

Turned my attention to trying to keep digging up potatoes. If I can get out there around mid morning, it has warmed up a bit and the sun is out (altho it's getting pretty cool!). I can then just leave the taters out in the air to dry them a bit, and make it easier to knock the soil off. I think these are Russets in the pic (took this pic a few days ago)

When the afternoon starts coming to an end and the sun just begins to go down, I bring my paper bags down and continue sorting the taters down in the field. No use handling each damn potato anymore than I have to.....sort them into bags for seed or for eating, then bring them up to the house.

I Never Ever leave potatoes out in the garden overnight...wayy too risky that it will get too cold for them. So, I try to do just a couple rows everyday and sooner or later, the job gets done.
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