Sunday, October 4, 2009

WARNING - Severe Baldness Alert

It's quite fitting that we post these pictures today on the blog - Today is the Run for the Cure for Breast Cancer Research.....I called my boys this morning to make sure it was OK with them if I went ahead and put these pics up.

I could hear all this commotion in the background when I talked to the Nman....I said where are you? He said, Mama, I'm downtown (Vancouver). I asked him what he was doing downtown. He told me he and Kgal are volunteering today at the Run for the Cure! How cool is that...thank you to both of you!!
I think reader Julia is running today in Kelowna for the Cure as well. Thank YOU! is done...we are bald. The hair was starting to really fall out, so I was grateful that the Gman was willing to get the buzzer out.....

Here we are...his head is already done, I am trying to gather courage and lose what's left on top!

The promised!

And....the end result! Now, where's my hat??
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Lisa said...

Don't forget, this too shall pass. In a few years from now when this is all over and done with you'll be glad you buzzed. Especially when you'll have a beautiful mane of hair!!

But in the mean time think of all the shampoo you're saving!! Another good thing to think about.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

I actually walked for the Cure for you Annie. There was a speaker there who had breast cancer 44 years ago and is still going strong. I know that you will too.

There's going to be a rush for toques at your house. You and gman look great!!!

Blessings, Julia

Anonymous said...

I said not too long ago that I thought you could pull off any hairstyle going. I might have been mistaken. The mohawk could be the exception. You definitely look better bald than with the mohawk!

I've been hat shopping with friend Mary. She hasn't started losing her hair yet but it's probably only 10 days away. We haven't found anything spectacular yet. With winter coming there should be more to choose from soon!

msholiday said...

I agree the mohawk had to go. Sending very positive thoughts and vibes your way. Nice to see your husband with you toe to toe.

Joanne said...

You look great that picture of you encircled in the Gman's arms...beautiful!

Nina Diane said...

you are beautiful!!!! hugs.....

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful Annie, much like my sister was. I am so glad you have shared your pictures so that others know that your hair is not what makes you beautiful. Thinking of you often, praying for your continued good health.

Linda Foley said...

That is so cool Annie - personally I like the Mohawk! LOL It's sweet of gman.

We had a renter this past week who was just finishing up a double mastectomy. She had both chemo and radiation. She looked great and had a full head of hair. She said she too buzzed her hair. She said they had some reconstructive surgery to do, but she was doing well and felt good.

Hang in there girl - this too shall pass.


Holly said...

My girlfriend's hair had a fair amount of gray in it but when it grew back it was the same beautiful color of red as when she was young.

Until your hair returns to crown your head, we'll be watching to see what stylish hats you discover.

You have been in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

The pics of you together is great - love.

Beth said...

Those are great pictures of you and your husband. I think you look beautiful. What a strong, wonderful woman you are. And such a loving family you have. I know you will end up on top even more beautiful and strong than you are now.

My thoughts are w/you and your family.

Kathryn said...

Hey Annie,
Your smile makes all the difference! Your great attitude will get you through this, I just know it.
KAthryn (yep, from Surrey)

Jonni said...

This sounds crazy, from someone who doesn't have to lose her hair, but a huge positive would be not having a bad hair day. I have made may threats of shaving my head. If I thought I would look as great as you do, there is a good chance it would happen. The time saved, not doing your hair!!!! Thanks for sharing your story. Lots of hugs from AZ

Anonymous said...

You look beutiful! My little sister pulled off the bald look when she was in high school. She didn't want to have to deal with hair anymore.

If you're out in the sun tho, use sunblock on that scalp ;)


Annie said...

So Sorry for the late reply, but a big THANK YOU to all of you for your comments!

I am getting used to the baldness but am wearing a cap to bed everynight now, as my head does sure get cold!

With lots of support and trying to have as positive an attitude as possible, I am thinking this whole "adventure" is going to be a little blip on my screen, by the time it is over with.

I have LOTS to do in my life still, and I'm agonna do it!!!

Thanks again


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