Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Clean Up Fire

We managed to have a clean up fire the other day.....burned up a bunch of small pieces of wood laying around up by the Shop Site....

There was also a bunch of old firewood up there. Gman figured it would probably be getting punky by next year. Our Wood Room is already stuffed to overflowing, so we figured we'd just toss it on the fire too. There is no shortage of firewood anywhere around here, so I don't think we'll really miss it.

Amazing how quickly things get cleaned up when you have a fire!

The Gman chained up a few old punky logs from down by the driveway and used the quad to drag them over to the fire. We're going to miss that quad when it leaves! It belongs to a friend down on the Coast, and he just wasn't able to come up and get it, so we get to use it over the Winter....I have a feeling we'll be wanting one of our own, as soon as this one goes! Sphere: Related Content

1 comment:

Linda Foley said...

Fire is amazing - it makes things really disappear!

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