Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting the Strawberry Beds Ready for Winter

Winter in the 'Boo is of course not like Winter on the Coast. I Never mulched my strawberry beds there for the winter time.

We have to up here, tho....if we want these during the Summer, we need to spend a half hour and put these plants to bed properly.

Straw has been Very Hard for us to get this Fall. The local Feed store never did get any in. We went to the Puddle a week ago, and by chance, the Feed store there did have straw....we picked up 3 bales. $6.50 a piece for some extra winter protection....worth it in my book!

See all the leaves on the strawberry bed? They blew in from the Aspen we have growing in our yard. We'll leave them there, as composting leaves make excellent food for our soils.....

In a "normal" year, I would have weeded these beds well, then put the straw on top. Well, this is an "abnormal" year, so no, I didn't bother. Finding the enery to get out there and put the straw on was enuf for me this year.

There! All tucked in....I used just over one bale of straw on these 3 beds.... I've got a nice thick layer on there....come Spring, I will remove the straw, once the frosts have finished.

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1 comment:

Linda Foley said...

I don't think we need to mulch the strawberries here - but I may just to make sure.

Seems like you are hanging in there Annie! *clap* and a *BIG hug* to you!

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