Friday, November 13, 2009

Houston, We Have a Problem (The Dreaded Phone Call)

Uh oh.....I just got the phone call.

We've been expecting this call for a couple of weeks - we Knew it was coming for at least 2 months. But are we prepared? Uh....NO!

You've read about our trying to empty our freezers, in an attempt to get ready to refill our freezers! Only on a homestead intent on providing as much of our own meat and veggies could this happen (I think).

Remember all those tomatoes and zuccini I pulled out of the freezer, in order to free up room what was it for? Ah yes....pork.

Since this years pork went in the freezer, we have also added 1 goat to our freezer camp. We still have to take out a bunch of trout and Kokanee salmon we caught and can it all up.
I have a feeling the Gman may be firing up the smoker this weekend, so we can smoke fish before we can fish. I have the feeling I'll be pulling out all the fish this morning and put it into coolers to thaw it slowly.
Why am I getting this feeling? Well, because of the dreaded phone call. The one we knew was coming but still are not ready for.
I got the message half an hour ago....our beef is ready....gulp! This is a side of beef in exchange for one pig.....
My only question is.....Where? Where is this beef going to go? Where I ask? Houston, we gots a problem all right!
Can I fit a side of beef in here? I don't think so! We've got about a dozen meat birds underneath that box.
(See all the little Annie packages? Those are for me to take down to Kelowna when I go....homegrown food for me, even when I'm in the city!)
And some good news, at least to me! I KNEW we had a store bought bag of green peas somwhere...ha! There it is, right in the freezer door, I shoulda opened my eyes!
(We've got lots of snap peas frozen, but ya know, there's times when a girl just has to have herself some shelled peas with dinner!)
This freezer is stuffed full with a bunch of homegrown or foraged berries and some yogurt containers full of dog food.
And boy, is da Wolf ever going to eating well the next few days! The neighbours just came by with 2 big bags of meaty bones for him...out of Their freezer! Why?? Well, cause they are on their way to town to pick up Their side of beef and find themselves in the same predicament we're in!
Not that I am complaining about having TOO much food, I just need a place to put it, is all!
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Holly said...

I was just heading down to clean our meat freezer. The vegetable freezer will have to wait until next week. But they are both level and I hope some organizing and cleaning opens up a lot of room because we haven't even butchered our beef or hogs yet. Yikes! But like you we can't complain about full food storage shelves and full freezers.

The Mom said...

Wow, I thought my freezers were full! I don't have anything on you. I'm still waiting on my venison though.

Carolyn Evans-Dean said...

Sounds like it is time to buy another freezer...Otherwise, that is a lot of canning! I think I'd be calling around to friends and family to see if they have a wee bit of room available in their freezers. Luckily, we are the only ones in our family who really stock up, so we might be able to borrow some space.

Aunt Krissy said...

I had almost the same problem, but mine was full of goat milk! I had about 60 bags that were 3lbs each. They take up a lot of room. And also a side of pig. I have been making gead way but eating pig (yum) and making soap.

Linda Foley said...

Ya another freezer is what came to my mind as well... it must feel very good to have too MUCH food, eh? LOL

Lisa said...

I know how you feel. We have 4 freezers and they're all full. Finally I have nothing left coming. Everything is here. My problem is one is full of frozen goats milk. I mean she goes dry in the winter so I need to stock up!

Anonymous said...

nice blog you have girl! Amazing how much meat and vegetables are in your freezer. hahahahah can you eat it all in one year?

Greetings from the netherlands, rotterdam.

Annie said...

Thanks for your comments everyone...and welcome to the blog Lavender! I have family in Holland....Friesland and Gronigen...

I'm glad we found the room for everything! I do NOT want to have to buy another freezer....two people living here and we need 3 freezers?? I hope not!


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