Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to Get Started on The Path to Providing For Your Family

Here's a link to a post I wrote almost a year ago (Wow! Has it been that long???)

There is lots of good info in there about getting started with laying hens, and then, as time and finances permit, moving up to raising meat birds. Most of you folks who are regular readers already know that we also raise weaner pigs during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Success on the homestead is often a result of Starting Small, and Gradually Growing....check it out!

Comments? Questions? Please leave some! We like getting feedback about what we put on this blog - hopefully it helps a lot of folks out!

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Cristine's Story said...

Annie, I love your blog and all of the info. that you give so freely! I wish you the best with your treatment. Please keep blogging for all of us wanna be gardners and chicken owners!

Elda - Peace in the Storm said...

Just this year we started raising chickens. We want to be able to get eggs out of them and meat as well. We also have sheep. At this point we just let them roam our property and eat whatever vegetation they can find. I'll try and read through all your posts to learn what you have done, but I hope you don't mind if I ask ya a question here and there. Thanks for sharing all this info with us!

Kari said...

Your old post shows all the hard work you are doing. I love the red pigs...we have three this year and I call them the three little Irish pigs. They eat walnuts in the pasture along with their other feed. We also have chickens and surprisingly their favorite noon time snack and afternoon tea treats are also the walnuts crushed open! Enjoy the work, the effort, and the wonderfully slow seasonal pace!

Kari said...

You are a beautiful person! I wish you all the best results with your radiation treatments. There are so many people sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. Feel the energy and thank you for posting!

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