Monday, February 22, 2010

California vs. Joel Salatin - Results!

 Later on today, I'm going to try to get Part 3 of the Wine Making/Seedling Room up here on the blog. But, for starters.....

The poll is now closed regarding going to California OR going to hear Joel Salatin talk, or a combo of both. 0 votes strictly for California. 4 votes came in for going to hear Joel. The majority of the votes were for us to try to combine both....a shorter trip to California, then zipping up North from our home to get to see Joel.

So...we've decided to try to do both! I've sent our info in and hopefully we will get tickets. Maybe we will see Joanne there, as she mentioned she is going too!

I had a really interesting email over the weekend from Kari, here it is.


Hi Annie,

We had a terrific week end all because of you! When you posted about your dilemma of deciding between California and Joel Salatin, I thought to look at his site and try to help with the decision!

Well, I thought the end of May in Australia would be perfect for you and then you get a vacation and Joel, all in one...then my eyes caught "Medford, Oregon, February 19"! Medford is just 40 minutes away and after my heart clunked around inside for a beat or two, it turned out the 19th was a few days away, there were tickets available and Tim wanted to go too!

We drove over Friday evening to listen to Joel Salatin and the high school auditorium had seating for just under 800 people. It was just about packed. There were people standing along the walls and two or three open seats sprinkled in the mass of farmers and growers and buyers and supporters of great food and great growing goodness!

Joel's first talk was Building a Local Food System that Works, and lasted about 30 minutes. There was a short break and then Joel himself was calling folks back in to their seats! ("let's go people...two minutes...hurry up now, find your seat...Ok, we are starting!!") and then he began his talk on Everything I want to do is Illegal! Wow that was a great one. We were both transfixed on his every word, the time flew by and pretty soon it was after 9:00 pm. Joel blessed the audience and then he was gracious enough to take some questions. It all ended about 9:30 pm.

Joel Salatin is a very engaging speaker. He is honest, and witty, and intelligent, and a great story teller. He also understands farmers! We purchased two of his books, You Can Farm, and Pastured Poultry Profits, plus we picked up his video. Each one is a treasure in itself, but the real gem was hearing him speak, listening to his wisdom and experience and being present with an individual who is motivated by doing the right thing.

I hope you get the chance to work out the combination of both Joel Salatin and California as a celebration of you, your dear husband, and your winning battle against cancer!

So, thanks to you and your wonderful blog for a great week end.
What awesome feedback from an audience member! When we go to see him, I want to buy the Salad Bar Beef book of Joel's. I already have Pastured Poultry Profits, and have read his others at the library.
Thanks everyone who took part in the poll, you've helped us make our decision! And thanks Kari, for being so supportive of our blog! Sphere: Related Content

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Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Hi Annie,
I hope you are feeling spunky and ready for the early spring to hit. I am thinking about you and your projects and your wellness. Keep up the great work.

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