Friday, February 26, 2010

Wine Making/Seed Starting Room - Part 3

Finally getting a new post up about the room progress! So, here's the sink we put in....

It turned out to be pretty difficult finding a tap set that would fit on this old sink. We even got in touch with a few plumbing shops in the US that deal with antique fixtures. We couldn't find anything that would fit properly. And if we did, it would have cost us quite a bit of money.

So, the Gman bought an ordinary laundry tub tap set and then he MADE the "box" for it to sit on! He is Amazing! 

I think it looks great! He was glad to get that part of the job finished!

And...he got the plumbing finished. So, now we have water in the room! That will come in very handy when it comes to watering all the seedlings that will be there soon!

We'll keep plugging away on this room when we get home from our trip....but we're very Glad it's this far along!!
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Linda Foley said...

Cool! Ya your Gman is very handy huh? The sink turned out very nice - Jim PM'd you over at The Journey - so looking forward to meeting you! *clap*

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Tell G-man that's quite a nice mod to the sink. Now, is that outlet GFI? Be careful with that one. Water and juice don't mix.

Aunt Krissy said...

That handy that you have a handy man. You can never have enough places that you have running water at.

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